Why MYP Wordpress Theme?

Consistency, Simplicity and Flexibility at its Core

Today's website templates and themes market is extremely bloated and saturated. Heavy graphics, infinite amount of JavaScript libraries and more has made it very difficult for business owners to choose an appropriate theme. Not to mention that every other theme is very similar to hundred others. No uniqueness because the theme vendors do not follow a design principle. They basically just build a "nice" and "cool" looking theme bundles with heavy images and pack the entire theme as a standalone theme and it basically causes nothing but a headache for website owners.

Setting up those themes for your website is a daunting task and chaos to match your product and website layout. That's not how it should go!. Any reasonable theme should also follow a design patterns, and every section of your website should have a reason to be there. After all, you need your website to market YOUR products and not the theme or website! This is the exact problem that we intent to solve with our theme system and wordpress fork.

You have a good product, a product description or set of services that you intent to present to the wider audiences using a website. Fine, but now you should not be scratching your head as to where should I put this and where should I place this or that text and how? You are not a web designer and we believe you don't have to be a website designer, you are a product vendor, a service provider, a manufacturer or just about any business service provider (dentist, baker, network service provider, a cable tv operator, an online ecommerce shop perhaps). Our theme system and bundle is for you!.

When using our theme and style system that itself is compliant with StoryBrand, you don't need to know any of those design and development coding. Our theme system provides you everything, yes everything. All you need to do is to place or paste the text in appropriate sections which we have carefully laid out. And it doesn't take months to set everything up. You go up and running same day or next day with our basic package, however we also provide the custom tailored solution and are able to provide custom solutions according to your exact needs. We will assess your requirements and can provide a customized tailored solution.

Why Wordpress?

Wordpress, a widely used website and content management system

You may be wondering as to why MYP theme is it based on Wordpress and not any other known CMS such as Drupal, Concrete5, Joomla? Well, Wordpress is not only an open source CMS but it also has a very large users community and almost any plugin or extension is available for a required use case. We also chose wordpress as our backend CMS because of the fundamental primary fact that Wordpress is by far the most easy CMS for an end user. It's used for very large scale news portal to a full fledge eCommerce store or a website that only has just one single page. It suits everyone.

In a nutshell, Wordpress is a tool that can be used for many web related tasks. It's also known as a WD-40 or multi-tool for website development. You spray some WD-40 on a stucked mechanical rusty part, a door hinge or a tire bolt and voila! it's working and moving again. But then again, would NASA use WD-40 on a spacecraft nuts and bolts? probably not, because it's a an ultra-precise requirement for a very special engineering use case and organizations like NASA probably manufacture their own special tools or lubricants in this context. Thus, at times Wordpress may not just be a right choice for a every use case.