What is MYP Wordpress Theme?

Market Your Products Wordpress theme system is a Fast, Scalable, and Flexible wordpress theme and CMS platform. There is minimum system requirements and most hosting service providers are compatible with the our CMS and theme system, at it's core it is a Wordpress content management system repackaged with the primary objective to get you upto speed and running as quickly as possible. Just extract the ZIP archive, and you are already up and running. Since Market Your Products Wordpress theme i.e. MYP WP Theme is fundamentally a wordpress fork, therefore if you have installed or setup a wordpress site in past, you will find it very easy to install it on your domain.

MYP WP Theme System is a redefined Wordpress fork and theme system

MYP Wordpress Theme's Design Principles

A qualitative product follows a reasonable design system, a product can be digital or physical, however both the digital and physical product should adhere to a reasonable design system to maintain its feasibility and flexibility. You may be familiar with such design systems, for example Google, Microsoft, Amazon applies and adheres to a consistent design principle for its colors, layout, branding, theming, UI/UX etc.

Likewise, MYP Wordpress Theme follows and adhere's to a design principle introduced by internationally recognized Marketing specialist David Miller. David Miller is a public speaker, author, marketing specialist and UI/UX strategist. David miller has introduced a flexible for websites and web application's design system known as StoryBrand.

Market Your Products Wordpress theme follows the StoryBrand design principles, there are several points to adheres to in order to be compliant with StoryBrand. We at Market Your Products studied and developed a theme system based on Wordpress as a CMS and StoryBrand design principles as theme system. As a result we bundled the entire package so that you can get up and running with setting your website as soon as possible while maintaining a superb design principles.Every pixel, every banner, color theme and layout has been carefully designed. In fact we ourselves use the same theme system for our primary website.